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Ufs notice
Notice Publ.date Header Status
2023:993/18147 12/13/2023 Hargshamn. Designation of berths. Current
2023:993/18169 12/13/2023 Port of Västerås. Västra hamnen. Västerås djuphamn. Depth. Current
2023:993/18170 12/13/2023 N of Valdemarsvik. Gropviken. Hindö. Sunken sailboat salvage. Current
2023:993/18171 12/13/2023 Stockholm. Ekerön. Lovön. Tappström. Fairway closed. Invalid
2023:993/18174 12/13/2023 Ystad. Ystad approach. Leading lights. Leading line. Invalid
2023:993/18179 12/13/2023 TSS in Norra Kvarken. Buoyage withdrawn for the winter. 2023 - 2024. Current
2023:994/18028 12/19/2023 S om Västervik. Skavdö. Skavdösundet. Light spar buoy. Current
2023:994/17626 12/20/2023 NW of Fjällbacka. Otterön. Marine farm. Buoyage. Current
2023:994/18126 12/20/2023 Mälaren. Järfälla. Stäket. Closed fairway. Invalid
2023:994/18141 12/20/2023 Norrtälje. Renovation of quay. Works. Current
2023:994/18143 12/20/2023 Fladen. Lilla and Stora Middelgrund. Kullen. Measuring equipment withdrawn. Current
2023:994/18157 12/20/2023 E of Stockholm. Kärsön. Nockeby. Closed fairway. Invalid
2023:994/18167 12/20/2023 Lake Mälaren. S of Enköping. Arnöfjärden. Light Husgarn. Character. Sectors. Current
2023:994/18175 12/20/2023 Fairway to Strömstad. Buoyage. Current
2023:994/18177 12/20/2023 Kapellskär. Jetty nr 5. Works. Current
2023:994/18178 12/20/2023 Port of Uddevalla. S of berth K4. Buoy withdrawn. Current
2023:994/18183 12/20/2023 Skellefteå. Skelleftehamn. Rönnskär. Skelleftebukten. Winter restrictions. Icebreaking in fairways. Invalid
2023:994/18189 12/20/2023 TSS and Two-Way Routes "In Norra Kvarken" temporarily suspended. Invalid
2023:994/18192 12/20/2023 Stockholm. Nacka. Skurusundet. Bridge 'Gamla Skurubron'. Vertical clearance reduced. Current
2023:994/18194 12/20/2023 A Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! Current
2023:994/18195 12/20/2023 SW of Malmö. Falsterborev. Light 'Falsterborev' temporary unlit. Invalid
2023:994/18196 12/20/2023 S of Umeå. E of 'Lillbådan'. 'Klinten'. Light buoy unlit. Invalid
2023:995/18182 12/22/2023 SE om Piteå. SE om Norströmsgrund. Falkens grund. Measuring equipment on seabed. Invalid
2023:995/18191 12/22/2023 E of Nordmaling. NE of light 'Norrbyskär'. Measuring equipment on seabed. Invalid
2023:995/18193 12/22/2023 E of Byske. Tåme. Firing exercises. January 8 - 21, 2024. Invalid
2023:995/18199 12/22/2023 Fairway to Skelleftehamn. Skelleftehamn. Light 'Gåsören'. Unreliable sectors. Current
2023:995/18160 12/27/2023 Lake Mälaren. Aspön. Gisselfjärden. Light Toppvik. Character. Sectors. Current
2023:995/18180 12/27/2023 Stockholms skärgård. Vaxholm. Kastellet. Höggarnsfjärden. Light spar buoys. Current
2024:996/18201 12/28/2023 S of Gothenburg. Tistlarna. Light 'Tistlarna' in normal operation. Current