Swedish NtM, General Information

Coverage area

Swedish NtM cover the Baltic Sea area, Kattegat and Skagerrak east of the line between Hanstholm and Lindesnes.

Foreign waters

Information on changes pertaining to foreign waters is mainly restricted to occurrences offshore or in and around major channels and routes. NtM does not provide sufficiently detailed information to keep foreign charts updated. Notices are generally based on information from respective country's own NtM and/or navigational warnings.

Numbering of notices

Swedish NtM have five-digit serial number which increases over time.

An asterisk(*) in front of the number shows that the notice is published by the Swedish Maritime Administration and applies to Swedish waters.

The letter 'P' after the number denotes a Preliminary Notice which is later [to be] replaced by a Chart Updating Notice.

The letter 'T' after the number denotes a Temporary Notice. If the time period is unspecified, it will be replaced by a another Notice.

Geodetical Datum



Chartlets are primarily intended to simplify chart correction work and are not in the same scale as the chart.


Responsibility for the factual content published rests with the informant.


In addition to the abbreviations used in INT1, the following are included in Swedish NtM:

B Bearing
Nr 2004:15/1828 Reference to Notice No. 1828 in booklet No. 15
NtM 12, Riga 2004 The information originates from Latvian NtM No. 12 of 2004.
Bsp Small craft chart

Layout of the NtM booklet


These notices do not result in chart updates.


These can be Chart Updating, Temporary and Preliminary Notices.

Affected charts

A list is stated on the first page.